Call the girl and ask her to look outside her upstairs window facing the street. Or you could simply ask her to come outside. Hand her the flowers and ask her to the prom.. As it was swept away, Stuart drew. »Sometimes I would start a drawing, go back the next day and the bit I had been drawing would have disappeared, » he said.Basically, he began drawing in Burley, and gradually worked his way further afield, recording hundreds of scenes of whatever took his fancy.Many were pencil sketches, amazingly detailed and life like, some were painted in acrylics.Stuart, now aged 76, had a knack for finding the nooks and crannies of his home city, and the gas lamp, the cobbled street and the washing line became his trademark. His favourite and the first he drew were of the Rillbank streets in Burley.Even now, years after Stuart stopped creating it, there is demand for his old work.His own favourites have always been those early works from Burley, though it was not the nostalgic street scenes that drew him there so much as the fact they were a shortish walk from where he then worked in Lewis’s department store. »I could get there and back in my lunch hour,  » says Stuart, who is a self taught artist.He was brought up in Middleton, Leeds, went to Middleton Council School, and left at 15 to go work in the department store as a trainee display artist, in the days when department stores employed their own people to paint backdrops for window displays.He had been a gifted artist at school, always winning art competitions but no one considered art school for a working class lad like him, not even Stuart himself. »I used to go into a bar and restaurant called Jacomelli’s and the manager there had heard me talk about my paintings and he offered to put them on the walls so people could buy them. I had never thought of such a thing, but I did it. »The restaurant was near the now demolished Empire Theatre in Leeds on the site of Victoria Quarter and his first two paintings were sold to a singer called Lonnie Donegan.

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