Chip after chip, my table mates and I relished every taste of the appetizer in front of us. There was plenty of cheese and the salsa was ultra fresh. I offered everyone to eat as much as they wanted, but was secretly hoping they would quit early and let me handle the majority of the nacho noshing.

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He toured the factory with his running mate Mike Pence who, as the outgoing governor of Indiana, was well situated to aid negotiations and shook hands with several workers whose jobs would be preserved. Trump pointed to one and yelled at reporters going to have a good Christmas. Hundreds may keep their jobs, others apparently will not, since roughly 1,400 workers were slated to be laid off..

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The YouthWorks program is not exactly new: it’s been around for 15 years years. Just before 2000, it attracted about 5,000 participants each year, but federal funding ultimately dried up. However, Baltimore refused to let the program die. It keeps guys in check. You want to be able to step up for your teammates when something happens.

5. Frozen spinachThere is a common misconception that frozen produce is nutritionally inferior to fresh. In fact, frozen vegetables tend to be harvested at their peak, and immediately frozen to retain their nutrients and taste. As far as good alternatives go, there really isn’t one for the PlayStation VR. You can find cheap VR headsets, which generally plug into modern smartphones, but the software is limited, they aren’t very titanium spork comfortable and the experience is subpar overall. On the other end of the spectrum, Oculus Rift ($599) and HTC Vive ($799) blow PlayStation VR away in terms of quality, but a powerful and pricey personal computer is also required.