CHRIS CLARK: So imagine if you knew the length and the shape of every tree before it came out of the forest. You could make even finer decisions about what trees to harvest and how to cut them up, so you didn’t waste time and money in the sawmill. Well, they’re pretty close to doing that..

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But the Presbyterian percentage is about as good as it gets, he said. Some construction debris always has been recycled but new technology is allowing that number to be significantly increased, said Ray Olsen, general superintendent for Los Alamitos based Millie and Severson, the general contractor for the project. In the past the number was more likely to be 50 percent, but attachments on the large backhoes at the demolition site allow for steel and rebar to be separated from the concrete.

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The venue is also perfect for bridal or baby showers and anniversary celebrations. Belinda Nelsen of LaPorte is a devoted Talullah’s patron. She knows a thing or two about serving afternoon tea. Even though the F 35 has been in production since 2006, the plane is still in its test phase. Lockheed Martin is the prime contractor for the F 35, but these recent problems suggest the company is having quality control problems with subcontractors. The tail fire is thought to have started in the F 35 tail engine, designed by Pratt Whitney (a unit of United Technologies).

EAU CLAIRE, Wisc. (WEAU) Growing student loan debt is having a ripple effect on the nation’s economy. That was the message of a research study delivered by democrats at Chippewa Valley Technical College Friday. James from GP: japanese ramen is closer to getting fresh pasta and finely crafted broth from really fresh ingredients. SPARE ME! You the type who gladly hand over $12 for a bottle of crafted beer. From Brooklyn: DOUBLE SPARE ME!! With enough mystique and marketing I sure I could convince people to spend $12 for a cup of coffee made with organic beans that came out of a cat ass.