AT entered into a deal with Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) to include HBO in the upcoming OTT services. Also, let’s not forget that DirecTV already extended its contract with the NFL before AT acquired the company and that this will be a nice selling point when the company is promoting the new OTT services.

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Almost every other part of American life has openly gay leaders and celebrities, yet there are now out gay men in major league football, basketball or baseball. This hour we’ll explore whether that’s likely to change and whether it matters. If you played professional or college sports, and you’re gay or knew someone on your team who was, tell us what the experience was like.

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Remove the vegetables and set aside. Pour the pan juices into a fat separator or small bowl and set aside to allow the fat and beef juices to separate. Pour off and discard the fat. The external environment of a business is frequently impacted by the political and legal climate. Things like government regulation, sales tax, corporate taxes and import duties can all have an impact on a company’s bottom line. Additionally environmental and health regulations can force changes in how a company does business.