During the recent UGA Auburn football game, a 6 foot 5, 300 pound Auburn defensive tackle hit Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray from behind long after the play had ended. Murray’s spine lurched violently forward, then backward, a blow with such lethality that it could have shattered Murray’s spine, or broken his neck, rendering this fine young man permanently paralyzed. It was witnessed by millions of CBS viewers..

MacRaild goes on to describe the counties of Kerry, Clare, Galway and Mayo (western seaboard Counties) as well as Roscommon (inland) as having the distinction of losing the highest numbers to emigration in this period. He sited Mayo and Galway as having the greatest population decline in the 1880’s. (MacRaid, Donald, 1999, p.

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There was a kind of gap in the market there too, so to speak. No one in Ireland was teaching a single technique course in a full time, intensive and immersive format. No one as far as I know had developed their own technique to the point of being able to teach it.