Speaking of the UW Crew, I had a party in late September to get everyone together and relax for an overnight. It was great to see everyone again and see how we are all readjusting. It is really different, and I know I spend lots of time at the gym working out to help me adjust to a sedentary life here which is the polar opposite of life in China where you have to walk everywhere and stairs are not an option as most elevators are either non existent or iffy and scary.

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Vanport’s construction was of the cheap and temporary kind (the locals called the prefabricated dwellings « cracker box houses »), and for much of the 1940s, Portland’s first sizable black population was separated from the town proper by economics, administration, and the river. The town was destroyed by a flood in 1948, and many refugees from the disaster settled in the Albina neighborhood. More than 100 years after initial settlement, Portland finally had an African American population of appreciable size.

Grinding within a mill is influenced by the size, quantity, the type of motion and the spaces between the individual pieces of the medium in the mill. Grinding is a more random process and is subjected to the laws of probability. The degree of grinding of an ore particle depends on the probability of the ore entering a zone between the medium shapes.