Have driven on this piece of road for many years and have managed to get from one end to the other with no problems at all and that is because I stick to the speed limit and keep behind the vehicle in front of me, it is the ignorant arrogant driver who is impatient that causes these accidents and there is always one of these drivers in each of these accidents that keep occurring day after day, no one learns their lesson. The road is as safe as houses it is just the idiots that makes it dangerous. I have no sympathy whatsoever for these idiots and if you want to die you carry on but don’t put other innocent drivers at risk, I have witnessed one of these idiot car drivers have an accident one day and the Police estimated his speed at impact was 70mph and I wasn’t putting my life at risk to help an idiot, luckily he was the only one involved and no innocent driver got caught in his madness.

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It’s choreographed, loud, extreme, acrobaticic, stunt filled and adrenaline heavy. Except it has a stupid name, because the plural of cowboys does not include a « Z. » (Husband yelled at me because the event focuses on entertaining kids and I need to stop editing the world.)Hey, anti Valentines, here’s one for you. LoDo piano bar Howl at the Moon, 1735 19th St., Denver, wants you to celebrate Love Sux with them on Friday.

Their territory connects with my territory. It TMs like leaving one country and going to another country. We TMre within the (Dakota) Nation TMs law  » we don TMt have a treaty with Canada. The formal dining room, the fireside nook, the ample porch: these are the elements we celebrate as gems that pre date the open concept of today. And then there are others: the lack of insulation, the single pane windows, a foundation with no footing placed on non bearing materials, the lack of structural redundancy that leads to sagging, sloped floors, out of plumb walls. These are the elements that remind us how cheap oil must have been (!) and of the true infancy of our regional method of building.