How can I get black scuff marks off of painted ceramic without taking the paint off? Also, I have a large area of melted red wax crayon in the back seat of my car. It is not possible to scrape any of it off as it has soaked into the fabric. Thank you in advance, Shelly.

The sesquicentennial year is going to be a banner year for items like this.Utterly random forfeited itemsA large section of the GCSurplus catalogue is composed of items that were « forfeited » to the government. Maybe they were confiscated at a border station, maybe they were tax seizures or maybe they were part of a criminal investigation. Either way, the end result is government warehouses filled with the former possessions of people who probably weren’tgreat at planning ahead.Crash tested carsThe good news is that these cars all have remarkably low mileage one of them, a Chevrolet Equinox, has a mere 53 km on the odometer.

SC1 has a half million gallon chilled water tank to cool off the machines if the regular air conditioning system fails. The tank looks like a small office building, easily six or seven stories tall. But when the servers are running at capacity, they produce enough heat to evaporate all of that water in just 30 minutes..

This is like a person not knowing whether his bank account is covered by the FDIC. Perhaps he was joking as he seems very fond of doing but the dire consequences of rail on our people and city is no joking matter. Joined Wholesale Discount Jerseys City Council Budget Chair Ann Kobayashi and Chair Ernie Martin in criticizing Carlisle managing director, Douglas Chin, for independently increasing the city’s 20 percent debt limit restriction for the rail project in late October without first informing the mayor or the city council..

That because Erdos said he stopped, but the pedestrian never crossed the street so he kept driving. A short while later he saw the same pedestrian at the same crosswalk, so he walked up and confronted him while filming it on his cellphone. In the cellphone video Erdos said acted like you were going to cross the street and then you stopped when I tried to let you go and then they pulled me over.

Chase, 24, Utah: Since I m a student, something pricier like dinner or a show is only a once per paycheck (maybe) kind of activity. As a man, I feel this more because the local culture here still isn t very open to women asking men out. Often the question comes down to whether going out once will be more worthwhile than putting a couple of gallons in the gas tank.