If you want to get the cheapest fare on American or United, you will have to leave that rolling carry on bag at home. Passengers who pay basic economy rates on those carriers will be limited to one item that fits under their seat no wheeled bags that take up space in the overhead bins. Airports and later be expanded nationwide and to close international destinations such as the Caribbean..

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Produce bound for farther points takes a little longer. The quicker the transport, the longer the shelf life and higher the profit margin for companies like Able Freight. There’s some variation, but strawberries and blueberries grown in Watsonville, Santa Maria and Oxnard are usually picked in the morning, and then brought to a cooling facility, where they’re chilled from the ambient growing temperature to 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rental truck companies offer insurance for contents. However, if you don’t carry enough insurance to cover any damage to the truck, you can find yourself in an extremely costly situation. You must provide a Certificate of Insurance Guidance Form for Commercial Accounts that proves your insurance coverage, or purchase a plan from the rental company..

Border security, in particular, President Trump border wall plan, continues to fuel heated debate in Texas. A new documentary seeks to move beyond the rhetoric, and look closer at the reasons behind the flow of people across the border. The Texas Tribune released The Wall last week.

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