In watching his video. It did not look so bad with him laid back with five or six hunnies and smoking a blunt. And his lyrics were about revenge and the like. Current members mid 20 to early 30. Members are accomplished musicians with good live experience.Nick drake, neil young, nick cave and the bad seeds, jefferson airplane, shack, the doves, pink Floyd, early genesis, sfa, crosby stills nash, fleet foxes, Jeff Buckley, tim buckley, carol king, the earlies, the verve, motown, zepelin, Elvis Presley, mercury rev, moldy peaches, belle and sebastian, tom paulin, camera obscura, kraftwerk, captain beefheart, the coral, glass Vegas, Ryan adams, bob Dylan focus, Noah and the whale, Laura marlin, emmy the great, those dancing days.We have a number of tracks already written and have a number being written. Rehearsing once a week, gigs and radio set coming up towards end of year.

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Monteiro expects something significant will happen in Venezuela within the next year to 18 months because « Venezuela cannot sustain its debt » if oil prices remain at current levels. « It is going to be very interesting to watch the impact. As much as Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico are dependent [on oil], Venezuela is even more highly dependent on oil. ».