Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, perhaps the fiercest critic of Obama’s overtures to Iran, showed no sign he could be persuaded to even tolerate the agreement. In remarks to Israel’s parliament, Netanyahu said he was not bound by the terms of the deal and could still take military action against Iran. Netanyahu sees Iran’s suspected pursuit of a nuclear weapon as a threat to Israel’s existence..

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Just what the prospective buyer wants to hear!I looked at more boat designs, but the vision of that Morgan just wouldn’t go away. Through Cruising World’s « Another Opinion » service and in other ways, I got in touch with several M 38 owners who were universally positive about their boats. When John Kretchmer published a review of the M 382 in Sailing Magazine, I called him up.

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Perceptions do matter. Just ask Nike Inc., the world’s largest sporting goods maker, which improved Asian factory conditions in the late 1990s after its stock sank amid widespread reproach from advocacy groups, politicians, and shareholder activists. Critics said workers were hurt by low wages, forced overtime, and the use of toxic chemicals in poorly ventilated facilities.