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If you are using a laptop for a small group, get one with a big screen. Get a simple USB remote. Don’t use live web access if at all possible. Sometimes, it’s mind boggling to hear what comes out of some people’s mouths. Last week, I did an honest, to the point, interview with Borough Council Vice President Jacob Schindel. I asked some very pointed questions with regard to Gettysburg Borough Council, the people on council, taxes, and the budget.

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Delivery When your loaded rental truck arrives at your new location, you must remove all goods before the time expires on your rental, which is usually much less time than with a POD. With a portable unit, you can have the POD picked up and dropped off at your new location or stored at a PODS storage yard. If you have time remaining in your rental period, you can park the POD at your new location and take your time to unload.

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« There is limited evidence that some nutrients support a normal menstrual cycle. These include B vitamins, vitamin D, chromium and iodine. Zinc is also important for normal fertility. Attach a strip of molding to the wall then screw large wood knobs onto it. Space the knobs about 18″ apart which is a little more than the width of a standard hanger. The knobs are a convenient place to hang your works in progress.